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07/ 16/ 2014

Students and Lecturers

Many universities and colleges already use Dlubal software in their classes. We offer special conditions for use in computer labs of schools. Students get the student license for free.


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Exhibitions, Meetings and
Trade Fairs

Meet us at one of the next events.

10th-12th Sep. 2014 
Eurosteel 2014 
in Naples, Italy


Basic Training
RSTAB: 20th August in Leipzig
RFEM: 21st August in Leipzig

Eurocode Training

EC 5: 3rd September in Leipzig

Customer Projects

Customer projects calculated with structural analysis software RSTAB or RFEM from Dlubal
Interesting projects calculated with Dlubal Software
Customer Projects (PDF)

Finite Element Analysis Software

More about structural analysis program RFEM

RFEM 5 - Structural Analysis and Design Software

With the structural engineering program RFEM you can quickly and easily model and calculate 3D and also 2D structures consisting of member (beam), plate, wall, shell and solid elements.
The structural analysis and design program RFEM in version 5 has been developed especially for the requirements of international design codes such as American AISC, ACI, Eurocodes, Canadian CS, British BS, Australian AS, Mexican NTC-RCDF, German DIN, Chinese GB, Indian IS and other standards.
Intuitive program handling allows the typical challenges in the calculation and design of steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, or glass structures to be managed more efficiently. This is why more than 8,000 users in engineering offices and construction companies across the world trust in Dlubal Software.
Introductory Video RFEM 5

Structural Beam Analysis Software

More about structural beam analysis and design program RSTAB

RSTAB 8 - Analysis and Design of Beam Structures

The structural beam analysis and design program RSTAB 8 contains a similar range of functions as RFEM. Because of its focus on beam or frame structures, it is even easier to handle and has been the first choice for filigree structural systems consisting of steel, concrete, timber and aluminium for many years.

Introductory Video RSTAB 8

Design of Timber Structures

More about RX-TIMBER - structural timber design software

RX-TIMBER - Structural Timber Design Software

RX-TIMBER is a stand-alone program family used for designing roof trusses consisting of glued-laminated beams as well as continuous beams, columns, purlins, frames and bracing members according to EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode 5) and DIN 1052.

Programs for Cross-Section Values

More about SHAPE-THIN - cross-section value program


Stand-alone programs for determining cross-section properties of any type of cross-section, as well as calculation of stresses and design.


Both programs have a connection to RSTAB and RFEM so that cross-sections from SHAPE-THIN and SHAPE-MASSIVE are available for selection in the libraries of the main programs. Of course, it is possible to import also internal forces from RSTAB and RFEM to SHAPE-THIN and SHAPE-MASSIVE for further design.

New Videos

Design of Timber Connections with RF-LIMITS

Foundation Design according to EC with RF-FOUNDATION Pro

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Resellers Wanted

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International Standards

Supported international design standards in RFEM and RSTABIn addition to Euro-codes, RFEM and RSTAB are able to perform calculations for steel, reinforced concrete and timber constructions according to different international design standards.


Eurocodes in Dlubal Structural Analysis and Design SoftwareRFEM and RSTAB allow for a continuous structural planning according to Eurocode. Among the provided features you find the automatic generation of wind and snow loads, the creation of combinations, earthquake calculations, design of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, aluminum and dynamic analysis.


Fatigue design for members and sets of members


Connection design for lattice towers according to EC 3


Steel design according to South African standard


Timber design according to Canadian standard


Considering plastic deformations of previous load states


More new add-on modules 

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Integration of Autodesk Revit Structure and RFEM/RSTAB
Intelligent interface for bidirectional data exchange with Autodesk's new product.
Info about RFEM interface...


Integration of Tekla Structures and RFEM/RSTAB

Bidirectional interfaces with Tekla Structures.
More information...

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