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07/ 16/ 2014


Dlubal software and its modular structure

Dlubal software is based on a modular system. There are two main program families: RSTAB and RFEM. Each family is made up of the main program and its add-on modules. These modules are either integrated in the main program or, in a few cases, run as standalone programs. Integrated modules, however, only run with the corresponding main program.

RX-TIMBER represents a specific group of standalone Dlubal programs. Take advantage of the TIMBER package to design any timber-specific structure.

Design Software for Glass Structures -
Structural Glass Design

Calculation and structural analysis of glass systems 

Results for a glass pane in the structural analysis program RFEMGlass structures play an important role in modern architecture. At the same time, the requirements for bearing capacity, safety properties, and thermal insulation are constantly increasing.

With the finite element analysis program RFEM, you can design and analyze glass surfaces, either separately or as a part of the entire model. The RFEM material library contains many commercial glass types. The glass surfaces defined in RFEM can be supported at lines or nodes and even represented by special solid elements. Results include stresses in surfaces and solids.

The structural glass design software RF-GLASS is required as an add-on module for RFEM to calculate panes consisting of laminated glass. In addition, it is possible to consider shear coupling between the layers.


Main Programs

Main program RFEM

Input of a structural model, loads, load and result combinations. Calculation of any 3D structure consisting of beams, frames, surfaces, shells or solids
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Add-on Modules - Glass

Add-on module for structural glass design RF-GLASS

Design of glass panes, tempered glass, double glazings consisting of single panes, insulating glass, laminated safety glass with an enclosed gas layer


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Customer Projects

If you want to present your projects on the Dlubal Web site, please read the pdf document linked below and send us your project data by e-mail or on CD/DVD.
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See a collection of interesting customer projects that have been calculated with Dlubal software.
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