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Category Calculation

1. In the determined load combinations I noticed an inconsistency. Why is the maximum vertical support load of CO4 zero? RSTAB RFEM
2. I have idealized a haunch by the start and end cross section (calculated with SHAPE-THIN) and calculated the frames. I get the error message "tapered member contains not compatible cross-sections" in the stress calculation in STEEL. What can be the reason? SHAPE-THIN STEEL
3. I have defined several materials, SHAPE-THIN calculated strange cross section values. SHAPE-THIN
4. Which bending theory should be selected for the calculation of plates and shells (Kirchhoff / Mindlin)? RFEM 4.xx
5. Which matrix solver method should be used ("Direct" or "Iterative")? RFEM 4.xx
6. How many eigenforms must be considered in dynamic analysis? DYNAM Basic
7. How to choose the time step for the integration correctly? DYNAM Addition I
8. Which rule for superpositioning must be selected in the modal response spectrum analysis? DYNAM Addition I
9. Why is the message "convergence criterion not reached" displayed? DYNAM Basic
10. When defining a load combination a message appears that the addition is not allowed due to failure of members. What does this message mean? RSTAB 7.xx


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