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1. For a SHAPE-THIN 7 section, I want to connect a freestanding cross-section part by means of a null element with the rest of the cross-section.

Graphically, I can do this without any problem.

For the calculation, however, the program always asks to specify a thickness t* for the shear calculation. This did not happen in SHAPE-THIN 5.
2. For a steel frame, I have manually created 20 load combinations with partial safety factors. The deformations, however, are to be determined without factors. To do this, I
- copied every LC (several load combinations cannot be copied at once) and
- set the factor to 1.0 in every LC.

Is there no simpler way to do this?
3. How can I apply the wind load by an angular function to the surface (for example, a grain silo, curved wall, etc.)? RFEM
4. Is it possible to divide a tapered member in such a way that the interpolated cross-section is automatically determined at the division point? Furthermore, can I modify the cross-section of tapered continuous members by changing the cross-section depth of one member (start, middle, or end of continuous members), thus automatically determining the cross-section depth for the remaining members? RSTAB
5. When I define an elastic foundation, is there any possibility to make the springs for tension or compression fail? RFEM RSTAB
6. What does the indication "Group" mean for the definition of a new result combination? RFEM RSTAB
7. How can I shift the nodes of an inclined top chord to the member axis of a generated 2D truss without having to calculate the x- and z-vector beforehand? RSTAB
I have several crossing members modeled in my structural system, but they are still not connected with each other.
How can I easily create a node at the connection point?
9. Where can I set the material grade or another allowable stress in SHAPE-THIN? SHAPE-THIN
10. When I start to enter structural data, how can I define a plane calculation to avoid defining for example supports in y-direction for a two-hinged frame? RSTAB


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