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Category Import, Export

1. The import of a DXF-file into RSTAB is not possible. What do I have to observe hereby? RSTAB 5.xx
2. We want to import old RSTAB4 items into RSTAB7. But RSTAB4 is not any longer installed on the computer. Is it sufficient when single item files of RSTAB4 exist and if so which are these files? RSTAB 7.xx
3. After the issue of selected result data as RFT files, the importing into Word and the copying into Excel, the data are changed and a second point is set.

Example: 10.31234 mm in RSTAB becomes 1.031.234 in EXCEL and is therefore "invalid".

Question: Is there a possibility to transfer the numbers 1:1?
4. Do I have the option to export the animations in RSTAB (member displacement, auto-rotating of the generated model), so that these can e.g. for presentations also be displayed without the use of RSTAB? RSTAB 5.xx RFEM 2.xx
5. For creating company brochures we need some graphics of our projects in RSTAB. How can I save graphics of RSTAB, without printing to the Clipboard, for further processing with PC? How and in which formats have you generated the pictures in your brochures? RSTAB RFEM
6. What options do I have in RSTAB to export an existing project to ProSteel 3D and what do I have to do for this? RSTAB 5.xx
7. I work with foreign sections, which are unfortunately not yet integrated in the RSTAB section library. The section data already exists as an excel file. Is it possible to integrate these sections into RSTAB? RSTAB RFEM


On this page you find answers to frequently asked questions provided by Dlubal hotline engineers and also solutions to often encountered problems.

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