Designing Insulating Glass with RF-GLASS

Dialogues in RF-GLASS
Dialogues in RF-GLASS

By Frank Lobisch, Dlubal Engineering Software

With the add-on module RF-GLASS you can design planar as well as curved insulating glasses. It is possible to define the layer structure freely in table 1.2. In this way you are able to design for example double glazing. The external layer is made of laminated glass, a kind of safety glass. Spaces between panes including corresponding filling glass are also defined in table 1.2. A simple pane consisting of tempered safety glass can be used as middle or internal layer. Support conditions (nodal and line supports) will be imported automatically from the RFEM model when you open the program for the first time. If needed, you can change them in the add-on module.

Then, you define climatic load parameters separately for summer and winter in table 1.6. The parameters of the manufacturing and mount temperature as well as the altitude of the place where the glass is manufactured and mounted are taken into account. Furthermore, you can define the force load distribution (external/internal) separately for each load case and group in this table. Optionally, you can specify partial shear coupling and other settings in the calculation details.

When the input is complete, you can start the design. The program creates a sub-structure that is calculated non-linearly using load increments. After the calculation you can see all stresses and stress ratios listed separately in the output, sorted by summer and winter load case as well as layers (top, middle, bottom).

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