Automatic Data Backup in RSTAB and RFEM

Settings for data backup
Settings for data backup

By Markus Baumgärtel, Dlubal Engineering Software

The automatic backup is found in the temporary working directory of the installation drive, for example directory ~RS7 or ~RF4. You can change the temporary directory in the program options. It contains a folder with the structure you are editing and the backup file “Structure_x.bak” which you can copy in another directory. Then you can rename it, for example “Structure_x.rs7”, to open it in RSTAB.

The file available in the temporary working directory will be deleted automatically as soon as you quit RSTAB or RFEM. In addition, it will be overwritten after each backup interval. When your program crashes, the back up directory still exists and you can continue working with the recent backup using the method described above. Or you can answer with “Yes”, opening RSTAB or RFEM, when you are asked if you want to restart the saved file.

With the option “Create backup copy with each save”, the program creates a backup copy additionally which is called “Structure_x.bak”. Again, you can import and edit it in RSTAB or RFEM when you change the ending *.rs7 or *.rf4.

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