An ASTM A992 14×132 W-shape column is loaded with the axial compression forces given. The column is pinned top and bottom in both axes. Determine whether the column is adequate to support the loading shown in Figure 1 based on LRFD and ASD.

Consider an ASTM A992 W 18×50 beam forspan and uniform dead and live loads as shown in Figure 1. The member is limited to a maximum nominal depth of 18 in. The live load deflection is limited to L/360. The beam is simply supported and continuously braced. Verify the available flexural strength of the beam selected based on LRFD and ASD.

An ASTM A992 W-shape member is selected to carry a dead load of 30.000 kips and a live load of 90.000 kips in tension. Verify the member strength by both LRFD and ASD.

An ASTM A992 W 24×62 beam with end shears of 48.000 and 145.000 kips from dead and live load is shown in Figure 1. Verify the available shear strength of the beam selected based on LRFD and ASD.

Using AISC Manual tables, determine the available compressive and flexural strengths and if the ASTM A992 W14x99 beam has sufficient available strength to support the axial forces and moments shown in Figure 1, obtained from a second-order analysis that includes P-𝛿 effects.

Determine the required strengths and effective length factors for the ASTM A992 material columns in the moment frame shown in Figure 1 for the maximum gravity load combination, using LRFD and ASD.

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