RF-CONCRETE Members Version 5

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RF-CONCRETE Members Version 5

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1.3 Starting RF-CONCRETE Members

RFEM provides the following options to start the RF-CONCRETE Members add-on module.


To start the add-on module, use the RFEM menu item

    • Add-on Modules → Design - Concrete → RF-CONCRETE Members.
Figure 1.1 Menu Add-on Modules → Design - Concrete → RF-CONCRETE Members

Alternatively, you can open the add-on module in the Data navigator by double-clicking

    • Add-on Modules → RF-CONCRETE Members.
Figure 1.2 Data navigator: Add-on Modules → RF-CONCRETE Members

If results from RF-CONCRETE Members are already available in the RFEM model, you can start the design module in the panel:

Set the relevant design case of RF-CONCRETE Members in the load case list of the menu bar. Click the [Show Results] button to display the reinforcements graphically.

You can now click the button in the panel to start the add-on module.

Figure 1.3 [RF-CONCRETE Members] panel button

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section