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6.2 3D Rendering of Reinforcement

The [3D-Rendering] button is available in the windows 3.1 Provided Longitudinal Reinforcement and 3.2 Provided Shear Reinforcement, providing the possibility to display the reinforcement of the selected member photo-realistically and modify it, if required.

It is also possible to access the 3D rendering by double-clicking the reinforcement in the graphical area of windows 3.1 and 3.2.

Figure 6.4 3D rendering of provided longitudinal and shear reinforcement

You can control the graphic in the View menu, or by using the corresponding buttons (see Table 6.1). In addition, you can use the mouse functions described in chapter 6.1.

Copy reinforcement

The graphic window provides the option to copy reinforcements by item. This way, it is possible, for example, to quickly create new reinforcement layers from existing rebars or to generate secondary reinforcements.

Shortcut menu of reinforcement

First, select the reinforcement or item description that you want to copy. Then, right-click the red-highlighted object to open the shortcut menu of the reinforcement (see figure on the left). The Copy option opens the Move or Copy dialog box (see Figure 6.5).

Figure 6.5 Reinforcement item created via Copy shortcut menu

In the dialog box, you can specify the Number of copies and the displacement vector in the direction of the global axes X, Y, and Z.

After clicking [OK], a new reinforcement item (or several, if applicable) is created.

Figure 6.6 Copied reinforcement item
Windows display

The Window menu provides various ways to display the reinforcement in several windows. For spatial control, we recommend using the function

    • Window → Isometric and 3 Views.

The 3D rendering window is divided as follows.

Figure 6.7 Isometric and 3 Views window display

In addition to the isometric view shown in the main window, the view in the longitudinal direction X, the lateral view in -Y, and the top view in Z are displayed.

If changes are made in one window, the views in the other windows are updated automatically.

With the [Print] button you can send the current graphic directly to the printer. You can also transfer it to the printout report or the clipboard. Printing several windows is not possible.

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section