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Member loads from area loads via cells

Figure 11.189 Convert Area Loads to Member Loads via Cells dialog box

This dialog box is similar to the Convert Area Loads to Member Loads via Planes dialog box. When opening the dialog box, RFEM checks, which cells are available in the model and displays them as crossed in the work window. "Cells" are zones defined by three or more corner nodes, enclosed by members on all sides, and placed in one plane.

RFEM does not recognize any cells for wind loads on a hall wall with columns, for example, because the members between the footings are missing. In such a case, you can create Virtual lines with by clicking the start and end nodes. In this way, cells are closed artificially and recognized by the generator.

The Nodes of cell can be selected one by one with in the graphic. After the generation, an overview with information about cells and loads appears.

Click the button to open the Settings for Load Generation dialog box (see Figure 11.178). In it, you can adjust the tolerance for the integration of nodes in the load plane or correct the generated loads.