Tented Roof Structure for Family House, Austria

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Roof Structure
Ing.-Büro Wagner GmbH
Gangkofen, Germany

Timber Construction
Altheim, Austria
Construction Master Builder Work
Baumeister Humer GmbH
Peuerbach, Austria
Linz, Austria

Length: ~ 82 ft | Width: ~ 56 ft | Height: ~ 16.5 ft
Number of Nodes: 259 | Members: 329 | Materials: 3 | Cross‑Sections: 48

A single-family home with a remarkable roof structure stands in Upper Austria since 2014. The circle in the center of the building is spanned by a tented roof built as a visible wooden structure. Together with the light‑flooded glass facade, it is a real eye‑catcher.

Two Dlubal customers were engaged in this project. The German engineering office Wagner used RSTAB to perform the structural analysis for the roof structure. WIEHAG GmbH from Austria was responsible for the timber construction.


The center symmetrical tented roof has 12 roof areas. Its shape is based on two glued laminated timber rings, a round one outside and an octagonal ring inside.

Twelve hip rafters form the main beams of the roof structure. The valley and jack rafters transfer the roof loads from the external ring to the hip rafters. The connections were carried out with slotted sheets as the roof is a timber structure with wooden elements intended to be seen.

The timber roof is supported by steel columns consisting of rectangular and square hollow sections.

Structural Analysis

First, the structure was modeled in cadwork. Then, it was imported to RSTAB using the interface. Engineering office Wagner used the add-on modules by Dlubal Software for the design of the frame structure.

Programs Used for Structural Analysis

Smooth Data Exchange

“The data exchange between cadwork and RSTAB has gone without a hitch.”

Project: Tented Roof Structure for Family House, Austria

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