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Structural Design and Timber Construction Holz Albertani SpA
Loc. Forno Allione - 25040 Berzo Demo, Italy

In 2018, Alì Supermercati decided to extend its already wide commercial network in the region with a new shopping mall in Via Noalese in Treviso, Italy. The project by Studio Signorotto Architettura of Treviso constitutes a roof made of glued-laminated timber, which complies with the buildings that have been already built in the past and are characterized by their perfect aesthetic design and the quality of the building material.

Planning and Design of Timber Structure
Structural Design
Bauingenieure Hartmann & Gamper
Dr. Ing. Andreas Erlacher

At a height of around 6,889 ft you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the dolomites with a delicious meal. Since 2016 these amenities have been available at the top station of the Obereggen skiing area, South Tyrol. The Oberholz alpine hut restaurant, with its exceptional architecture, fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis
Studio Ergodomus - Ing. Franco Piva and Ing. Cristiano Benacchio
Pergine Valsugana (TN) , Italy

Cavezzo is one of the towns in the region of Emilia damaged by the 2012 earthquake. As a result of this event, many public and private structures were heavily damaged and became uninhabitable. The municipal gym is one of these structures which had damages so serious that it was necessary to completely demolish the existing structure made of reinforced concrete. The foundation was instead partially left on site.

Structural Engineering Engineering Office
Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers, France

The railway station forecourt at Piazza Garibaldi has six hectares in size and includes parks, gardens and fountains. Between 2005 and 2013, it was restructured along with the metro station of the same name.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis of Timber Structures
Rubner Holzbau AG
Brixen, Italy
Project Engineer for Structural Calculations
I2 Ingegneria Srl
Genoa, Italy

The data listed below refers to the model of the housing complex B.

Length: ~ 20 m| Width: ~ 16 m | Height: ~ 13 m
Number of Nodes: 921 | Members: 210 | Furfaces: 103 | Finite Elements: 11,928 | Cross-Sections: 11

In the Italian town of Brescia, the company Rubner Objektbau GmbH, functioning as the general contractor, has built an apartment complex with appealing architecture consisting of timber. Four housing complexes with a total of 72 housing units have been constructed in a minimal amount of time. For the Lombard Institute for Residential Buildings (ALER), this has been the first project carried out in wood.

Structural Engineering Lignaconsult Schrentewein & Partner GmbH
Bolzano, Italy

An extraordinary project was born when the architectural office bergmeister-wolf designed a new workshop for wood carving art in Val Gardena, South Tyrol.

As the triangulated facade could be used only partially for load application, the building represented a great challenge for the responsible timber construction engineer. But the Italian Dlubal Software customer Schrentewein & Partner mastered the task by primarily using the building's inside parts for transferring loads.

Structural Engineering Frener & Reifer Metallbau GmbH
Alfred-Ammon-Straße 31
39042 Brixen, Italy

The structure consists of rigid rectangular hollow section columns bearing a roof structure rigid in two directions.

The model was calculated according to the second-order analysis, considering an inclination and precamber.

In addition, the hollow section columns were reinforced and concrete-lined, and analyzed as composite columns in order to reach the fire resistance class of F30 and increase the horizontal stiffness of the model.

The structure was mounted in January 2004.

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Neulichedl & Partner
Schafferstraße 37
I-39012 Meran, Italy
Investor Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Italy

The cylindrical steel structure of an aviary consists of an upper column in form of an inclined spoked wheel and a base with anchoring spans as an observation platform.


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