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Investor Sun Hung Kai Properties

A remarkable free‑form roof structure was built at the Xujiahui Commercial Center in Shanghai, China, and inaugurated in June 2017. It serves as a skylight in the indoor area of the shopping center, and as a canopy in the outdoor area.

Planning, Structural Analysis & Atrium Construction Novum Structures LLC, USA

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts located in Kansas City, MO has a floor space of 286,000 ft². The glass atrium is the architectural highlight of this building (dimensions L x W x H: 317 ft x 73 ft x 70 ft). It connects the main entry with the both performance venues.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis
STUTZKI Engineering, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Four different point-supported glass chandeliers are focal points of the newly renovated shopping mall at Keystone, Indianapolis, USA.

Each chandelier consists of hanging glass plates, which are point-supported from brackets on stainless steel rings.

Structural Engineering Engineering Office
Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers, France

The railway station forecourt at Piazza Garibaldi has six hectares in size and includes parks, gardens and fountains. Between 2005 and 2013, it was restructured along with the metro station of the same name.

Structural Engineering Schmidt Nielsen ApS
Consulting Engineers F.R.I.
Odense, Denmark

In May 2015, the art project "Solhjul" (in English: sun wheel) by the artist Bo Karberg was officially opened. The 12m‑high wheel is located on the center island of a traffic circle in Give, Denmark. It is now the new symbol of the town.

Structural Engineering Göppert Civil Engineers, Lahr

The new headquarters of the Baden farmers' association (BLHV) is unique. The timber construction is protected by a glass façade to counteract graying caused by weather conditions. Although the architects of the Werkgruppe Lahr have sufficient experience in timber construction, the wooden house with the glass cladding has been a "model project" for them.

Structural Engineering Facade Design and Structural Analysis of Tower Spires
Werner Sobek Stuttgart GmbH & Co. KG
Stuttgart, Germany

The dimensions indicated below refer to one of the three spires.

Length: ~ 35 m | Width: ~ 34 m | Height: ~ 30 m
Number of Nodes: 772 | Members: 981 | Materials: 2 | Cross-Sections: 9 | Finite Elements: 981

Since 2012, the city of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, has a striking complex of high-rise buildings: the Baku Flame Towers. The construction consists of three towers which have the shape of a flame with a maximum height of 190 m. The flame shape designed by HOK Architects was inspired by the importance of fire for the town, as there is a high number of oil wells in the region.

Structural Engineering Engineering & Subcontractor
Novum Structures LLC
Menomonee Falls, USA

The following data belong to the steel construction of the "Enigma".

Length: 37 m | Width: 30 m | Height: 23 m | Weight: ~ 47 t
Number of Nodes: 815 | Members: 1,613 | Materials: 3 | Cross-Sections: 5

In January 2011, the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, opened its doors to the public. It contains the largest collection of Dalí’s artwork outside Spain, including oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, graphics, photographs and sculptures.

The architectural highlight is the "Enigma," a glazed atrium that drapes over the side of the boxy reinforced-concrete building. The structural analysis of this unique steel-glass construction was carried out with RSTAB by the Dlubal Software customer Novum Structures.

Structural Engineering Klestil Ziviltechnikergmbh
Siegelgasse 1
A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

The Klestil Ziviltechnikergmbh company was in charge of both the architectural design and the structural analysis.

This picture represents only a part of the entire roofing.


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Successful Project with RFEM and RSTAB

“The art project 'Solhjul' was designed with the programs RSTAB and RFEM. The great support by Dlubal Software contributed to the success of the project.”

Project: Art Project "Solhjul" in Give, Denmark

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