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Structural Analysis & Design Trex Commercial Products, USA

The removable grandstands are surrounded on three sides by precast seating risers in the north endzone of the Los Angeles Football club soccer stadium. The grandstands are a free-standing system. The system is comprised of aluminum trusses which are demountable from aluminum towers.

Structural Engineering Engineering Office
Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers, France

On an area of 1,400 m2, a steel maze was installed at the arts center C‑Mine in Genk (Belgium). The maze was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the arts center which is located at the former coal mine of Winterslag.

It took almost one month to install this temporary construction which closed its doors at the end of September 2015.

Structural Engineering Structural Analysis and Fabrication
Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
Munich, Germany

In many industrial sectors, China is the future market. This is also the case for the entertainment field in which the German company Maurer Söhne is working.

The roller coaster Dragon Flight is being built for Romon U‑Park, an urban theme park in Ningbo. It is the first X‑Train Flying Launch Coaster designed by Maurer Söhne.

Structural Engineering Janson Bridging
Hank, Netherlands

The following data belong to bridge shown below.

Length: ~ 31 m | Width: ~ 4 m | Height: ~ 3 m | Weight: ~ 25 t
Number of Nodes: 1,060 | Members: 552 | Materials: 3 | Cross-Sections: 7

Janson Bridging in Hank, the Netherlands, produces temporary, emergency and permanent bridges for civil, industrial and military use. All these bridges - consisting of several types - are based on modular concepts, that can be easily adjusted to the wishes of the customer. The modules are elements with a limited length that can be joined using couplings. Thus the bridge engineer can set the span, depth and width of the bridge by adding elements together.

Structural Engineering ifb frohloff staffa kühl ecker
Berlin, Germany

From afar visitors see a roller coaster standing alone on a green hill. When approaching they understand why the air of a typical fair is missing in its surroundings.

It is not a roller coaster running with high speeds but an accessible construction with a stairway of all in all 215 m. It is not possible, however, to pass through the structure in one run because the looping is an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

Structural Engineering Engineering Consultancy Klimpel
Bochum, Germany

To perform renovations for the steeple of the St. Martinus parish in Kerpen, Germany, a scaffold was required. It was a part of the construction project with an order volume of approximately € 850,000.

The designers in charge had to meet a special challenge because the frame construction had to be set up at the top of the spire without applying anchorages by pressure usually used in scaffolding.

Structural Engineering Werner Steininger GmbH
Ing.-Büro für Statik und Dynamik
Friedenstr. 4
85521 Ottobrunn, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 609 72 96

The analysis of the roller coaster seat concerned a total of 6 load cases, 6 load combinations and 1 result combination.

Load cases consist mainly of dynamic loading due to centrifugal forces.

Structural Engineering Ingenieurbüro Klaus Petraschka
Florian-Berndl-Weg / KGV Neu Florida D 2
A-1220 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: +43 1 481 56 75


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Successful Project with RFEM and RSTAB

“The art project 'Solhjul' was designed with the programs RSTAB and RFEM. The great support by Dlubal Software contributed to the success of the project.”

Project: Art Project "Solhjul" in Give, Denmark

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