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Structural Design Ing.-Büro Tischner + Pache
Dachau, Germany

The structure represents a part of the entire model.

Intermediate ceilings are reinforced in certain areas. The reinforcement was transferred using the integrated interface with Glaser ISBCad.

Structural Engineering [*S14137438*]
[*S14137441*] [*S14137442*]

Structural Engineering SECTOR, d.o.o.
Sedejeva 6
5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Tel: +386 41 671 751; Fax: +386 5 333 26 15
Investor ISKRATEL, d.o.o.
Kranj, Slovenia

The building was designed according to Eurocode 2.

Structural Engineering Facade planning
IPL Engineering Design Lightweight Construction Ltd.
formTL engineers for structural and lightweight structures, Radolfzell

Solid construction
Arup Associates
London, UK

Allianz Arena is a soccer stadium in Munich, Germany, which hosted the opening match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The stadium became a new landmark of the city. The translucent exterior facade emits light in various colors and thus makes the whole arena very special.

Structural Engineering Frener & Reifer Metallbau GmbH
Alfred-Ammon-Straße 31
39042 Brixen, Italy

The structure consists of rigid rectangular hollow section columns bearing a roof structure rigid in two directions.

The model was calculated according to the second-order analysis, considering an inclination and precamber.

In addition, the hollow section columns were reinforced and concrete-lined, and analyzed as composite columns in order to reach the fire resistance class of F30 and increase the horizontal stiffness of the model.

The structure was mounted in January 2004.

Structural Engineering [*S14137480*]
[*S14137484*] [*S14137485*]
[*S14137486*] [*S14137487*]

The picture shows only a segment of the entire arena. The structure includes a total of 67 load cases and 6 load combinations. Calculation time of all load cases is approx. 2.5 minutes (Pentium IV, 1.99 GHz, 512MB RAM).

Structural Engineering Dlubal Software GmbH
Am Zellweg 2
93464 Tiefenbach, Germany

The following model was analyzed for a load case during a presentation at Systems fair in Munich in 2002.

The aim was to create a precise FEA model using an already existing RSTAB equivalrent model.

The model was created very quickly using the Move/Copy function. It was useful especially for creating the ribbing on the bottom side of the beam. The modeling process took approximately 15 minutes.

Structural Engineering [*S14137496*]
[*S14137497*] [*S14137498*]
[*S14137500*] [*S14137501*]

The world-famous castle Neuschwanstein is being threatened by cracks in the stonework.

FEA models of the palace façade in RFEM are helpful in developing solutions to prevent further crack formation.

Structural Engineering Pfanner Baustatik
Alte Poststr. 24
88690 Uhldingen, Germany

The whole castle and especially the square tower are being threatened by cracks in the stonework.

Consultant Engineers Pfanner Baustatik were charged to develop solution for preventing further crack formation.

The palace façade has already been modelled in RFEM and design with special tension anchors to stop crack growth. Currently, the square tower is being modeled including a difficult geometry.

The tower changes over from a round tower to a square tower in the upper part. The three-layer masonry has been modeled with two layers and coupling surfaces in RFEM.

Structural Engineering Trebyggeriet AS
4735 Evje / Aust-Agder, Norway

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