Reference List of Schools and Universities

Universities equipped with structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software

  • Reference List of Schools Using the Structural Analysis Software from Dlubal

Free for students

Structural Analysis Software for Students

For non -commercial use as part of their studies at a university, we offer students the free use of our programs.

Join the many students who have already benefited from this unique opportunity.

Structural Analysis Software for Students

"I basically use Dlubal programs for my entire university studies. From the beginning, RFEM was far from the majority of software, so he didn't have much advice from my colleagues, but thanks to well-designed controls and webinars, I quickly learned to work with it.

And when I really can't handle it, there's still a hotline. So calculating statics with your software can be a real pleasure, and I really appreciate your approach to students. ”

Great Software!

"Thank you for being available to help students who can use your services. As part of my course in civil engineering and building architecture (mechanics of structures with glass elements and tensile structures), I sponsor a large part of your software, which I think is really great!"

The following universities, colleges and other non-commercial institutions use Dlubal Software products for teaching and research:

  • University of Nebraska (US)
  • Princeton University (US)
  • University of British Columbia (CAN)
  • Pennsylvania State University (US)
  • Temple University (US)
  • University of British Columbia (CAN)
  • Portland State University (US)
  • Case Western Reserve University (US)
  • University of Idaho (US)
  • Purdue University Northwest (US)
  • Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) (CAN)
  • University of Illinois (US)
  • University of Waterloo (CAN)
  • University of Connecticut (US)
  • Lehigh University (US)
  • Virginia Tech (US)
  • California State Polytechnic University (US)
  • Lakehead University (CAN)
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst (US)
  • University of Ottawa (CAN)
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland (CAN)
  • Villanova University (US)
  • University of Florida (US)
  • University of Missouri-Rolla (US)
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce (US)
  • University of Northern British Columbia (CAN)
  • FH Aachen (DE)
  • RWTH Aachen (DE)
  • HS Aalen (DE)
  • HS Anhalt (DE)
  • NTU Athens (GR)
  • FH Augsburg (DE)
  • Universidad del Azuay (EC)
  • Beuth HS Berlin (DE)
  • HTW Berlin (DE)
  • TU Berlin (DE)
  • UdK Berlin (DE)
  • HS Biberach (DE)
  • FH Bielefeld (DE)
  • HS Bochum ((DE)
  • Ruhr University Bochum (DE)
  • TFH Georg Agricola to Bochum (DE)
  • STU Bratislava (SK)
  • TU Braunschweig (DE)
  • HS Bremen (DE)
  • Mendel University in Brno (CZ)
  • Brno University of Technology (CZ)
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE)
  • HS 21 in Buxtehude (DE)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (ES)
  • HS Coburg (DE)
  • IS Engenharia Coimbra (PT)
  • Universidad del Comahue (AR)
  • Universidad de Córdoba (ES)
  • Universidad de A Coruña (ES)
  • BTU Cottbus (DE)
  • Damascus University (SY)
  • HS Darmstadt (DE)
  • TU Darmstadt (DE)
  • HS Deggendorf (DE)
  • BSZ Döbeln (DE)
  • FH Dortmund (DE)
  • TU Dortmund (DE)
  • HTW Dresden (DE)
  • TU Dresden (DE)
  • FH Düsseldorf (DE)
  • Uni Duisburg-Essen (DE)
  • HNE Eberswalde (DE)
  • FH Erfurt (DE)
  • FH Frankfurt am Main (DE)
  • FWG Freiburg (DE)
  • FH Gießen-Friedberg (DE)
  • FH Joanneum Graz (AT)
  • TU Graz (AT)
  • HCU Hamburg (DE)
  • TU Hamburg-Harburg (DE)
  • FH Hannover (DE)
  • Leibniz Uni Hannover (DE)
  • HAWK Hildesheim/Holzminden/ Göttingen (DE)
  • BSZ Hof (DE)
  • UT Gheorghe Asachi Iasi (RO)
  • Uni Innsbruck (AT)
  • Instituto Técnologico Istmo (MX)
  • FH Kärnten (AT)
  • FH Kaiserslautern (DE)
  • TU Kaiserslautern (DE)
  • Karlsruher IT (DE)
  • HS Karlsruhe (DE)
  • Uni Kassel (DE)
  • FH Koblenz (DE)
  • FH Köln (DE)
  • HTWK Konstanz (DE)
  • TU Košice (SK)
  • HTWK Leipzig (DE)
  • EPFL Lausanne (CH)
  • HS Lausitz (DE)
  • Uni Leipzig (DE)
  • IST Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (PT)
  • FH Lübeck (DE)
  • IST Luxembourg (LU)
  • Uni Luxembourg (LU)
  • HS Luzern (DE)
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
  • OvG-Uni Magdeburg (DE)
  • HS Magdeburg-Stendal (DE)
  • FH Mainz (DE)
  • HS Mannheim (DE)
  • HS Mittweida (DE)
  • HTL Mödling (AT)
  • ITES Monterrey Campus Tampico (MX)
  • HS München (DE)
  • TU München (DE)
  • Uni der Bundeswehr München (DE)
  • FH Münster (DE)
  • FH Nordwestschweiz (CH)
  • Technikakademie Northeim (DE)
  • GSO-HS Nürnberg (DE)
  • HS Ostwestfalen-Lippe (DE)
  • Universidad del País Vasco (ES)
  • UWB Pilsen (CZ)
  • FH Potsdam (DE)
  • CTU Prag (CZ)
  • UTN - Facultad Regional Rafaela (AR)
  • HS Rapperswil (CH)
  • HS Regensburg (DE)
  • Riga TU (LV)
  • HS Rosenheim (DE)
  • Uni Rostock (DE)
  • HTW des Saarlandes (DE)
  • FH Salzburg (AT)
  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (ES)
  • Instituto Politécnico de Setubál (PT)
  • Universidad de Sevilla (ES)
  • Uni Siegen (DE)
  • HFT Stuttgart (DE)
  • Uni Stuttgart (DE)
  • Ostfalia HAW Suderburg (DE)
  • Szczecin University of Technology (PL)
  • PMU Thanjavur (IN)
  • Democritus University of Thrace (GR)
  • FH Trier (DE)
  • Universidade Trás-os Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real (PT)
  • Instituto Politécnico de Viseu (PT)
  • Bauhaus-Uni Weimar (DE)
  • BauHTL Camillo-Sitte-LA Wien (AT)
  • HTL Wien (AT)
  • TU Wien (AT)
  • Uni für angewandte Kunst Wien (AT)
  • Uni für Bodenkultur Wien (AT)
  • Jade HS Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/ Elsfleth (DE)
  • HS Wismar (DE)
  • FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt (DE)
  • Bergische Uni Wuppertal (DE)
  • Universidad de Zaragoza (ES)
  • University of Žilina (SK)
  • HS Zittau/Görlitz (DE)
  • Westsächsische HS Zwickau (DE)

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