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Models to Download

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Author Marjorie Zúñiga Farias
University Ziggurat Global Institute of Technology, Spain

The project is a detached single-family house, located in the central area of Chile, the VI region, approximately 100 km south of Santiago, in a semi-urban area.

Author Tomasz Trzpil
University Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Faculty of Civil Engineering

The subject of this diploma thesis is the design of a metal and glass facade with research into structural elements. Contemporary structures use metal and glass facades. They are used in office and public buildings as the most popular curtain wall solution.

Author Jonatan Vitor de Melo Fernandes
University Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo, Brazil
Campus Votuporanga

A program module was developed in web page languages (HTML/JavaScript) that allows the structural analysis of simply supported slabs subject to distributed loading over the entire surface using Lévy's solution.

Author Guilherme dos Santos Silva
University Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo, Brazil
Campus Votuporanga

There are numerous softwares that perform calculations for engineering problems, but most of them only show the final results and not the procedures until they are reached. In view of this problem, a module was developed in web languages (HTML/JavaScript) that allows the structural analysis of slabs simply supported by the Navier method and it displays all calculation procedures in dynamically generated reports in PDF (portable document format).

Author Sara García Villarroya
Polytechnic University of Madrid - Faculty of Forestry

This is a calculation model of a two-story lightweight framework single-family house with a duopitch roof and trusses.

Author Piotr Zygmunt
University Cracow University of Technology, Poland

The subject of this graduation thesis is the design of selected structural elements of a reinforced concrete office building with nine above-ground stories and one underground story.

Author Malte Finn Hoblitz

Technical University of Cologne, Germany

The thesis includes the practical structural design of two industrial structures in Germany.

Author Bartosz Żydzik
University Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

The objective of the thesis is to present the requirements on a structure and an engineer for the design of steel structures with regard to fire conditions.

Author Damian Kozanecki
University Technical University of Lodz, Poland
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture, and Environmental Engineering
The subject of this thesis is a VIG (Vacuum Insulated Glass) plate. The aim of this study was to find a numerical model in order to create an effective and precise numerical imitation of the real panel, considering the appropriate support conditions.
Author Andoni Martin Sanz
University of the Basque Country - San Sebastian University of Architecture

In the construction industry, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the utilization of timber takes on a leading role. Consequently, there has been an increasing interest and investment in R&D&I projects related to structural timber, which has led to the products with special properties that allow timber to compete with other materials, such as concrete or steel.

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