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As a student, request Dlubal structural analysis programs free of charge and use them during your studies!

  • Structural engineering software for students free of charge


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Book About FEA and RFEM

Book about FEM and RFEM

In this book for engineers and students, you will learn the basics of the finite element method in a practical way by means of manageable examples that have been calculated with RFEM.

We offer students the opportunity to use our programs free of charge for non‑commercial purposes while enrolled in a university or college. Join the many students who have already benefited from this unique opportunity.

  • If you send us a valid certificate of enrollment, you can borrow all of our software (full versions including all add-on modules except RWIND Simulation and SHAPE-MASSIVE) for a period of one year.
  • At the end of your license expiration, you can extend the license for an additional year by submitting an updated proof of enrollment at your college or university.
  • It is not permitted to use the software for commercial purposes or to provide the license to third parties.
  • The student version is a full version without limitations or restrictions. You will also have access to our tech support via email at no additional cost.
  • Dlubal software requires specialized knowledge in the field of structural analysis; therefore, the student version is only available to students of technical colleges and universities who teach structural engineering, engineering mechanics, etc. and not to students at high schools, etc.

Structural Analysis Exercises and Tutorial Videos

Many students use Dlubal programs to check their structural analysis exercises. You can find a number of exercise examples and tutorial videos here, including the input files for download.

Final Theses with Dlubal Software

Many study, bachelor, Master's, diploma, and doctoral theses have been created with the help of our software. Within a very short time, students will find their way around the programs and perform sophisticated structural calculations and FEM analyses. This is also shown in our directory of theses.

Support for Schools

We offer universities and other non-commercial institutions various options for using our structural analysis programs. Many schools use our structural analysis software for teaching and supporting their research projects.

Structural Analysis Software for Students

"I basically use Dlubal programs for my entire university studies. From the beginning, RFEM was far from the majority of software, so he didn't have much advice from my colleagues, but thanks to well-designed controls and webinars, I quickly learned to work with it.

And when I really can't handle it, there's still a hotline. So calculating statics with your software can be a real pleasure, and I really appreciate your approach to students. ”

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In addition to personal support, we offer resources 24/7 through our website.

Structural Analysis Models to Download

Models to Download

Select numerous structural models to utilize them for training purposes or for your projects.