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Author Marek Kawulok
University Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering

The goal of this thesis was to structurally analyze and design a steel supporting structure of a high-rise building based on architectural design. The thesis describes a global numerical model of the structure subjected to the usual EC load types, including seismic actions as well as wind, which is determined by the numercal simulation of a wind flow around the structure. A part of the submitted diploma thesis is also the ultimate and the serviceability limit state design of the supporting structure of a selected floor. The structural engineering software RFEM was used to create the numerical model and the structural analysis of the supporting structure of the analyzed high-rise building; the wind effects are analyzed in RWIND Simulation.

Author Nela Freiherrová
University Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering

The graduation thesis presents the structural design of the two-story community center "Archa," consisting of two separate supporting structures. The RFEM program was used for the structural solution of both parts. A part of the thesis is the structural design of the steel frame consisting of columns, beams, ceilings, and bracing. The design was performed using the RF‑STEEL EC3 add-on module. Another part of the thesis was the design of a membrane roof of the whole building, using the RF‑FORM‑FINDING add-on module to find the initial shape of the membrane.

Author Kristýna Šoupalová
University Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Structural Mechanics

The bachelor thesis presents the structural analysis of an existing steel structure of a lookout tower in the form of a helix. Two three-dimensional models of the structure, that differ in the way the columns are modeled, were created in RFEM 5.25 by Dlubal Software. The models were subjected to the calculated loads and the results of both models were compared. There is the third three-dimensional model, which includes surface elements. This model was then placed in a wind tunnel using RWIND Simulation.

Author Jan Řihošek
University Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Concrete and Masonry Structures

The graduation thesis presents the design of a ceiling structure of an apartment building in two structural variants. The goal of the thesis was the determination of internal forces as well as structural analysis and design of the building in two design variants. The FEM analysis of the internal forces was performed on the 2D model of the ceiling slab and on the 3D model of the entire building in RFEM 5.24 by Dlubal Software. The thesis also includes the structural design of masonry walls.

Author Silvia Colombo e Beatrice Gilardi
University Polytechnic University of Milan - School of Architecture Urban Development Construction Engineering

"Flor da manhã" is a gathering place designed to be suitable for every child, based on five pillars: nature, interaction, protection, inclusion and joy.
Simplicity and economy have been common threads of the project that aims at self-sufficiency and sustainability. Regular and simple shapes have been combined with the use of local materials and resources, respecting and enhancing the precious value of nature in all its shades.
Author Bc. Jana Seidlerová
University Technical University of Ostrava
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Ludvíka Podéště 1875/17
Czech Republic

The goal of the diploma thesis was to determine the reliability of the historical structure of the Miloš Sýkora Bridge in Ostrava. The reliability of the structure was determined using numerical modeling in the RFEM program. The model of the original bridge structure was created on the basis of period documents. When creating a numerical model, it was necessary to solve problems related to the modeling of built-up cross-sections or to determine the cross-section properties of obsolete rolled sections.

The model of the original bridge structure was loaded by the assumed period load determined from the available documents from 1916. The reliability of the structure was determined using the allowable stress design method. Based on the method of allowable stresses, the longitudinal members were determined as elements with the lowest safety factor.

Author Milan Krneta
University University of Banja Luka
Faculty of Architecture
Civil Engineering and Geodesy

This graduation thesis presents the design of a crane runway girder loaded by a double girder bridge crane. The calculation was performed according to Eurocode 3, Part 6 for crane supporting structures. The loads caused by the crane operation were determined according to Eurocode 1, Part 3 for actions induced by cranes and machinery.

Author Domagoj Stamac

In the thesis, it was firstly and briefly processed the theoretical part. Later on, characteristics and production of cross-laminated timber accompanied by current trends and examples in the construction industry was shown. The economic side of timber construction is also argued through the project. It is shown why BIM is necessary for the future. The second and the main part of the thesis consists of the case study of the family house, which is also the title of the thesis. The house is designed with all structural elements accompanied by 3D BIM.

Author Mathias Worm
University Technische Universität Braunschweig

During the building design phase, the quality and construction costs of buildings can be significantly influenced by finding the optimal structural shape. With the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM), three-dimensional design models are increasingly used. This opens up new possibilities. Utilizing parametric and automated derivations of analysis models, different supporting structure options can be evaluated in terms of ultimate limit state and serviceability, but also according to architectural criteria. This Master thesis aims at developing the basic procedure of this parametric BIM workflow and at implementing it utilizing a specific example.

Author Arq. Jonnathan Aguirre Collahuazo
University Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña / Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona

This work aims at showing the need for constructive alternatives to create ecologically sustainable buildings as well as to create affordable and quality housing options for the most disadvantaged social classes of our environment.

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