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Author Miryea Alfano
University University of Florence

In a context of continuous innovation, the combined use of materials for the construction of new structures is a frequent phenomenon. However, it is usual to think of mixed steel-concrete structures rather than mixed wood-concrete structures since, in the collective imagination, wood is considered the least durable material. This work aims to propose a correct structural and technological redesign of an existing residential building by combining materials such as wood and concrete followed by a comparison in economic terms between the existing structure in reinforced concrete and the redesigned one.

Author Izabela Dmowska

Warsaw University of Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering

The subject of this thesis is the design of a metal and glass facade with the analysis of selected structural elements. Metal and glass facades in modern construction are the most popular curtain wall solution used in office buildings and public buildings. The main part of the work is the facade design of the "Format" office and service building located in Gdańsk. Aluprof profile system was used to design the facade skeleton. The facade structure will be attached to reinforced concrete ceilings with galvanized steel consoles, mounted on anchors, e.g. Hilti. The console-pole connection will be made as screw. Due to the location adopted, the facility was classified as III snow load zone and II wind load zone. The main components of the facade are mullions and transoms, on which system sections were used. The facade is filled with two-chamber insulating glass. Aluminum panels have also been used in the places of floor strips as well as clinker tile cladding between the glass packets.
Author Jonnathan Aguirre Collahuazo
University Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña / ETSAB

The following project was completed by the Advanced and Innovative Structural Materials Chair currently part of the MBArch Master's program of Technological Innovation at ETSAB - UPC. The process included a full structural analysis and design for a medium-scale hangar located at the Barcelona airport.

Author Sebastian Krug
University University of Applied Sciences Biberach

In this Bachelor thesis, the topic "Development of a Computer Program for Damage Analysis of Timber Bridges Based on Vibration Measurements" was discussed. This mainly refers to the structural testing of timber bridges. Timber structures have the big disadvantage that compared to steel or concrete structures, damage to the material cannot be determined early by means of a visual check on the material surface. The reason for this is that the natural decay process of wood, which occurs at a permanent moisture content of more than 20% by mass inside the timber, damages the timber from the inside. A test method for timber structures must therefore be carried out with the aim of determining the state inside the timber. However, the test methods used for this are usually not non-destructive and therefore rather unsuitable for a recurring test. For this reason, a test method for the measurement of mode shapes and their natural frequencies has been developed. This is possible because the natural frequency of a structure is mainly dependent on the bending stiffness.

Author Simone Carraro
University University of Trento

Thanks to the Winter Olympic Games of Milano Cortina 2026, a new village for the athletes will be located in the abandoned railway yard of Porta Romana in Milan. This thesis takes advantage of this opportunity and provides a new masterplan for the area: a project based on the soft mobility and on a new park, to create a new green lung for the city.

Author Dalel Daleyev
University Technische Universität Wien

Finnjoists or I-joists are optimized composite beams with an I-section made of wood-based materials, with the chords made of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and the web of OSB. The cross-section elements are glued together. The structural components can be used as beams or columns. In this bachelor thesis, the simplified design practice of the European Technical Approval ETA 02/0026 on the basis of limit internal forces is compared with the more general design practice according to ÖNORM B 1995-1-1: 2019 on the basis of limit stresses and checked for consistency of the results.

Author Adam Nagy
Hochschule University of Surrey

In the last, nearly three decades suspen-domes have become popular solutions for covering sports halls, stadiums and venue halls particularly in China and Japan. While suspen-domes can be easily constructed and maintained, their application extends the span limits for grid dome systems. Unlike for cable domes, special construction methods are not required, still a more cost-efficient, stiffer and more robust structure is created for mid- and large-spans. This hybrid spatial structure is composed from an upper single layer dome, and a lower, concentric tensegritic system.

Author Elisa Moretti
University Roma Tre University

The aim of the thesis is the design and structural analysis of a 10-storey building made of CLT (or XLAM) which will be built in Foligno, in the province of Perugia. The modeling took place through Dlubal's RFEM software which uses the finite element method to analyze the behavior of the structure.

Author Hercend Mpidi Bita
Hochschule The University of British Columbia

Abnormal loads which can cause initial damage may trigger collapse propagation, leading to disproportionate collapse of buildings with insufficient structural robustness. To ensure structural safety, design approaches against this catastrophic collapse are embodied within the building regulations. Nevertheless, the application of existing guidelines for disproportionate collapse prevention for mid- to high-rise mass-timber buildings -as an emerging construction method- becomes unpractical and uneconomic; and research studies in this topic are scarce.

Author M.Eng. Ing. Rostislav Lang
University Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

The present PhD thesis deals with membrane structures. It focuses on the inherent physical necessitates and the algorithms playing a role when developing the FEA software.

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