Park of Lightweight Structures for Redevelopment of Porta Romana Railway Yard


Author Simone Carraro
University University of Trento
Lecturers Prof. Ing. Misseroni Diego and Prof. Arch. Favargiotti Sara

Thanks to the Winter Olympic Games of Milano Cortina 2026, a new village for the athletes will be located in the abandoned railway yard of Porta Romana in Milan. This thesis takes advantage of this opportunity and provides a new masterplan for the area: a project based on the soft mobility and on a new park, to create a new green lung for the city.

Four new open public spaces, located inside the park and covered by four tensile structures. The particular shape of the fabric is conceived coherently with the design of the path within the park. We designed the lightweight structure with RFEM of Dlubal Software S.r.l, suitable for facing these kind of complicated problems. The form-finding process in the RF-FORM-FINDING add-on module as well as the analysis of the cutting pattern in the RF-CUTTING-PATTERN add-on module were carried out taking into account the orthotropic character of the PVC/PES material. We also exploited the stand-alone program RWIND Simulation to simulate a wind tunnel and determine the (wind) pressure acting on the membrane surface. In addition, we have carefully considered the detailing problems and have designed and verified several types of connections. All calculations were carried out accordingly with the German design code DIN 4134 and the dissertation of "Mechanical behaviour of connections of coated fabrics" as well as the standard UNI EN 1993-1-8.


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