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Data Protection - Google Maps


Integration of Google Maps

The following websites utilize Google Maps services:

These services allow for interactive maps integrated directly within the webpage enabling users with full Google Maps functions.


Legal basis

Legal basis for the use of Google Maps in connection with the Dlubal locations is Art. 6 (1) sent. 1 lit. f GDPR.

Legal basis for the use of Google Maps in connection with the snow, wind and seismic zoning maps is Art. 6 (1) sent. 1 lit. b GDPR.

Data collection by Google

Google tracks user information including the relevant sub-pages visited when browsing this website. The data mentioned in Section 5 at Data Protection - Basic Information will also be transmitted. This information is recorded at all times including when a user is not logged in under a Google account.   When a user is logged in under a Google account, the collected data is associated with this account. If a user wishes to not associate this data with a Google profile, he/she must log out before using the service.

Google stores associated data under user profiles for advertising, marketing research and/or customization of their website. This analysis occurs for all users (including users not logged in under a Google account) in order to provide targeted advertising and to inform other social network users regarding user activities on this website. Users have the right to object to data collected and stored within user profiles by contacting Google directly.  Dlubal Software is not responsible for this data collection.

Purpose and extent of the data collection

Further information on the purpose and extent of data collection and the user data processing with the plug-in provider is available in the provider privacy policy. More information can be found concerning user rights in this regard as well as configuration options for the protection of user privacy:

Google also processes user personal data in the USA which is subject to the EU-US Privacy Shield:

Purpose of data collected by Dlubal Software when using the snow, wind and seismic zoning maps

The Snow, Wind and Seismic Zoning Maps webpage allows for geo-zone queries which are based on the dynamic map services of Google Maps.
Geo-zone queries are possible by clicking on the interactive map within the  Snow, Wind and Seismic Zoning Maps webpage.
Additionally, Dlubal Software offers a web service which can be used to create a URL. This URL will also display the results of the geo-zone query.

This online geo-zone tool which utilizes Google Maps is not provided free of charge.

Dlubal Software GmbH offers users a set number of free geo-zone queries for testing purposes. To confirm when this unrestricted option is exhausted by a user, Dlubal Software records the geo-zone queries of each user to prevent any misuse of this online service’s free test mode.

When the free geo-zone queries are exhausted, the user can purchase an online service package or to log in with the corresponding Dlubal account if the company has previously purchased an online service package. With a package purchase for the geo-zone tool, the corresponding number of geo-zone queries is activated under the affiliated Dlubal account.

For billing purposes, Dlubal Software GmbH records the geo-zone queries of each user affiliated of the company and summarizes them to determine the remaining number of the purchased geo-zone queries.


Scope of data collected by Dlubal Software when using the snow, wind and seismic zoning maps

Dlubal Software records the listed data below when using the geo-zone tool.

User-related data:

  • Date and address of the geo-zone query
  • IP address
  • If logged in while using the tool, we additionally save the following user-related data:
    • Email address of the user
    • Reference number of the user in our CRM system

Technical data:

  • Number of free queries under a company
  • Used and remaining number of purchased geo-zone queries of a company
  • Reference number of the geo-zone query
  • Load zone, load zone map and ID
  • Load zone type (snow load, wind or seismic zones)
  • Standard and Annex/Table
  • Longitude, lattitude and altitude
  • Street, city, state, zip/postal code and country of the requested location

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