New Features in RFEM 5.23.01 and RSTAB 8.23.01

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The following new features have been added to the versions RFEM 5.23.01 and RSTAB 8.23.01 and the corresponding add-on modules as well as the stand-alone programs. Customers with a service contract can download the latest Dlubal program versions at any time.


  • The following direct interfaces are supported in the current customer version:
  • AutoCAD 2015 - 2021
  • Revit 2016 - 2021
  • Tekla Structures 20.1 - 2020
  • Create and save 3D glTF models (also option to export to *.glb or *.glTF format)
  • Improvements in the report regarding the page numbering - attachments not inserted in the printout report can be considered in the numbering by adding dummy pages
  • Implementation of the new snow load zone 3a for Germany
  • Extension of the section library with cross-sections of the company MEFA
  • Extension of the cross-section library with sections of the Vietnamese standard TCVN-7571-15-2017


  • Improvements in the Results navigator as well as in the result tables regarding the strains of members and surfaces
  • Implementation of additional methods for local surface axes orientation
  • Extension of the material library with foils called EVALAM VISUAL UV+ and AB-AR


  • Implementation of the design according to ACI 318-19


  • Implementation to determine the increased yield strength according to EN 1993-1-3 3.2.2 (3)
  • Improvements regarding the documentation of intermediate supports in the printout report - especially for user-defined supports
  • Installation of RFEM 5 no longer needed when calculating cold-formed sections in RSTAB

RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid

  • Comprehensive improvements regarding the design of four-row connections

RF-/DYNAM Pro - Nonlinear Time History

  • Improvements regarding the program behavior for calculations in which no convergence occurs - the already calculated results can now be displayed


  • Extension of the library with layers of the companies EGOIN and PIVETEAUBOIS
  • Improvements to save large amounts of data
  • Implementation of the Canadian standard CSA O86-19
  • Automatic activation of the option "Cross laminated timber without glue at narrow sides" for the manufacturers Binderholz, KLH, Martinsons, Stora Enso, Züblin Timber, Structurlam (CAN) as well as Nordic Structures
  • Layer update of the company SMARTLAM - they now include reduced stiffnesses in the secondary support plane
  • Layer update of the manufacturer KLH


  • Updated dialog box of the calculation parameters


  • Installation of RFEM 5 no longer needed when calculating cold-formed sections in RSTAB

RWIND Simulation

  • Implementation of an option in RFEM/RSTAB to export visual objects to RWIND Simulation
  • Integration of standard NBC 2015 for the selection of wind profiles
  • Implementation of an option in the RWIND Simulation dialog boxes for user-defined definition of turbulence intensity by height
  • New option in RFEM/RSTAB to export CAD/BIM models to RWIND Simulation

The video update for program version x.23 introduces the most important new features.  

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