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There are different add-on modules available for RFEM/RSTAB to create and design lattice towers with only little effort. With the new RF-/JOINTS Steel - Tower add-on module it is now also possible to lay out bolted joints of lattice towers. The design of those hinged connections is performed according to EN 1993-1-8.

Features of RF-/JOINTS Steel - Tower

You can design column joints as well as bolted connections of diagonals without gusset plate 2D/3D. Furthermore, you can choose among T-, K- and KT-joints for the diagonals. The layout is carried out optionally as a shear/hole bearing connection or a slip-resistant connection.

For the bolts you can select bolt strengths of 4.6 - 10.9 and diameters of M12 - M42. RF-/JOINTS Steel - Tower shows the following designs after the calculation: design of net section, design of bearing, shear, block shear resistance and sliding.

With regard to a continuous planning of lattice towers, find a short presentation of relevant add-on modules in the following.

RF-/TOWER Structure

This add-on module is used to easily generate triangular, rectangular or square lattice towers by means of parameters. In addition, you can adjust already existing structures. RF-/TOWER Structure also offers a large selection of vertical, horizontal and inside bracing types.

RF-/TOWER Equipment

Take advantage of RF-/TOWER Equipment to create transmitting antennas and various equipment such as platforms, ladders and cable ducts without difficulties. The database contains a great number of tubular extensions and antenna brackets available as 2D and 3D constructions as well as a large selection of different antennas.

RF-/TOWER Loading

With this TOWER module you create the design-relevant actions for RFEM/RSTAB. They can be specified as parameterized wind, ice and variable loads.

RF-/TOWER Effective Lengths

The program determines the buckling lengths of members used in lattice towers. The determined effective lengths can be exported to the add-on module RFὝ/TOWER Design for further use.

RF-/TOWER Design

Use this add-on module to design lattice towers according to EN 1993-1-1, EN 1993‑3‑1 and EN 50341. The corresponding input from the previously described add-on modules is taken into account. You can perform the design for flexural buckling as well as lateral-torsional buckling.

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