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Design steel structures in the powerful finite element software RFEM and the add-on module RF-STEEL AISC with more confidence than ever before.

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) recently released the AISC Design Examples Version 15.0. This document’s primary objective is to validate the application of the ANSI/AISC 360-16 standard within an engineer’s chosen design tool. These AISC Design Examples were modeled, analyzed, and designed using both RFEM and RF-STEEL AISC then compared to the given Design Example result values. The comparisons have been summarized and are now available under the Verification Examples page.

Each verification document includes a problem statement, detailed diagram of the corresponding member and applied loads (See Figure 01), step-by-step analysis, and results table. Multiple design checks were made between RF-STEEL AISC vs. the AISC Design Examples for both LRFD and ASD design methods.

Examples of these comparisons include determining a member’s available strength under various loading conditions (i.e. axial tension or compression, combined axial and bending, or shear) while varying the steel cross-section (i.e. W shape, channel, single angle, etc.), unbraced lengths, or axis of applied load (i.e. strong vs. weak axis). All models were calculated with a linear analysis utilizing an isotropic linear elastic material model.

The calculated result comparisons are presented with ratios (See Figure 02). A ratio of 1.00 is the reference point where no deviation occured between the RF-STEEL AISC program results and the given values in the AISC Design Examples.

Corresponding RFEM model files available for download are included at the end of each verification example.

The accuracy and precision of all Dlubal Software products remains an important and high priority aspect to our team. With the step-by-step design process given in the RF-STEEL AISC verification example documents, it is possible to ensure correct steel design in RFEM per the latest ANSI/AISC 360-16 standard.

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