ANSI/AWC NDS 2018 Standard Now Available in RF-/TIMBER AWC and RF-LAMINATE

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The recent release of the ANSI/AWC NDS 2018 standard is now available in the add-on module RF-/TIMBER AWC for timber member design including curved and tapered glulam members. Both LRFD and ASD ultimate limit state design is possible with consideration to load cases, load combinations, or result combinations.

Serviceability limit state design can also be calculated for timber members with a utilization ratio based on the member’s absolute or relative deflection to a specified limiting deflection ratio (i.e. L/360 for simply supported members and L/180 for cantilever members).

In addition, when ASD design is selected, member fire design per the 2018 NDS can be carried out which includes a specified charring rate and cross-section reduction to the member.

The material database in RFEM/RSTAB has also been updated to maintain the latest properties from the 2018 standard.

Additionally, the add-on module RF-LAMINATE available for cross-laminated timber (CLT) now includes the latest changes reflected in the 2018 NDS standard. For a detailed look at the updates from the 2015 to the 2018 standard for CLT design, refer to the Knowledge Base Article 2018 NDS Updates for Cross-Laminated Timber Design.

ANSI AWC NDS 2018 timber wood member analysis design LRFD ASD fire ultimate limit state serviceability cross laminated timber CLT updates

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