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New Add-on Modules

  1. Structural Analysis to Determine the Spring Stiffness of a Cold-Formed Z-Section


    Utilize the SHAPE-THIN 9 stand-alone program to determine now also cross-section properties and stresses of cold-formed sections.

  2. Cold-formed steel sections

    RF-/STEEL Cold-Formed Sections

    RF-/STEEL Cold-Formed Sections is an extension of the RF-/STEEL EC3 add-on module.

    With this program, you can perform ultimate and serviceability state design for cold-formed steel members according to EN 1993-1-3 and EN 1993-1-5.

  3. RWIND Simulation

    RWIND Simulation is a program for numerical simulations of wind flow around buildings or any other objects and generating wind loads, i.e. forces acting on these objects.

  4. RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid

    With the RF-/JOINTS Steel - Rigid add-on module, it is possible to configurate moment resisting joints of rolled and welded I-beams and design them according to EC 3.

    The following types are available: end plate connection (beam to column or beam to beam) and rigid spice plate connection.

  5. RF-/DYNAM Pro - Nonlinear Time History

    The RF-/DYNAM Pro - Nonlinear Time History add‑on module allows for nonlinear dynamic analysis to external excitation.

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