Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) for RFEM 6

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Consideration of Construction Stages in RFEM

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With the Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) add-on, the construction process of structures (member, surface, and solid structures) can be considered in RFEM.

Neglecting the influence of the construction process can lead to errors in the calculation of overall models. With the Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) add-on, you can analyze these influences and consider them up to the point of the structural design.



  • Simple definition of construction stages in the RFEM structure including visualization
  • Adding, removing, modifying, and reactivating member, surface, and solid elements and their properties (for example, member and line hinges, degrees of freedom for supports, and so on)
  • Automatic and manual combinatorics with load combinations in the individual construction stages (for example, to consider mounting loads, mounting cranes, and other loads)
  • Consideration of nonlinear effects such as tension member failure or nonlinear supports
  • Interaction with other add-ons, such as Nonlinear Material Behavior, Structure Stability, Form-Finding, and so on.
  • Display of results numerically and graphically for individual construction stages.
  • Detailed printout report with documentation of all structural and load data for each construction stage

Entering Construction Stages

After creating the entire structure in RFEM, the individual structural components as well as load cases are assigned to the corresponding construction stages. For each construction stage, you can modify the release definitions of members and supports, for example.

Thus, it is possible to model structural modifications, such as those that occur when bridge girders are successively grouted or when columns are settled. The load cases created in RFEM are assigned to the construction stages as permanent or non-permanent loads.

By means of combinatorics, the permanent and non-permanent loads can be superimposed in load combinations. For example, it is possible to determine the maximum internal forces of different crane positions or to consider temporary mounting loads available only in one construction stage.



Resulting geometry differences between the ideal system and the structural system deformed due to the previous construction stage are compared in the background. The next construction stage is based on the structural system stressed due to the previous construction stage. The calculation is nonlinear.


Results and Export

After the successful calculation, the results of the individual construction stages can be viewed graphically and in tables in RFEM. The construction stages can be considered in the combinatorics and also included in the design.

Manual of Construction Stages Analysis (CSA)



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Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Building


The Multilayer Surfaces add-on allows you to define multilayer surface structures. The calculation can be carried out with or without the shear coupling.

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