Add-on Modules - Tensile Membrane Structures

Structural Engineering Software for Tensile Membrane Structures

The structural analysis software RFEM allows for form‑finding, structural analysis, and determination of cutting patterns of tensile membrane and cable structures.

The calculation is performed according to the large deformation analysis. When determining the cutting patterns, user‑defined intersection lines and compensation dimensions are considered.

  • Structural Engineering Software for Tensile Membrane Structures
  • Membrane Structure
  • Membrane Structure
  • Membrane Structure
  • Membrane Structure

RF-FORM-FINDING Add-on Module for RFEM

The RF-FORM-FINDING add‑on module searches for shapes of structures subjected to tension or stress, such as membrane and cable structures, shells, and other structures.

The shape is calculated by the equilibrium between the surface stress (prestress) and natural or geometric boundary conditions.


RF-CUTTING-PATTERN calculates and organizes the cutting pattern for membrane structures.

The planarization process is carried out in compliance with the minimum energy theory.

RF-MAT NL Add-on Module for RFEM

The RF-MAT NL add-on module allows for consideration of nonlinear material behavior in RFEM.

It offers the option to couple surfaces with the stiffness types „Membrane" and „Membrane-Orthotropic" with the material models „Isotropic nonlinear elastic 2D/3D" and „Isotropic plastic 2D/3D" (RF-MAT-NL add-on module required). This functionality enables the simulation of the nonlinear strain behavior of, for example, ETFE foils.

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Doctoral Thesis on Membrane Structure Design According to FEA

Master thesis Rostislav Lang

This doctoral thesis by Rostislav Lang deals with the design and analysis of membrane structures using FEA software.


Add-on Module

Form-finding of tensile membrane and cable structures

Price of First License
1,750.00 USD

Add-on Module

Generation of cutting patterns for tensile membrane structures

Price of First License
2,240.00 USD