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Is a clear arrangement important for you? In Dlubal Center, you can find everything important at a first glance. Do you already know the structural frame & truss analysis software RSTAB? RSTAB allows you to design 2D or 3D beam, frame, or truss structures consisting of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, aluminum, or other materials.

With RSTAB, you can easily and quickly define a structural model and then calculate the internal forces, deformations, and support reactions. There are design add-ons at your side that you can use to consider the material- and standard-specific requirements.

  • RSTAB 9 for Frames and Trusses

Central Organization of Projects, Customer Data, Blocks, and so on

The Dlubal Center ensures that your planning goes quickly and efficiently. Among other things, your projects and model files are managed here in a central location. Detailed information and graphics make it easier for you to assign all models and thus enable uncomplicated and clear order processing. Furthermore, your customer data including the licensed programs and add-ons is organized in the Dlubal Center.


Project Navigator

Always keep track of things: The project navigator manages your projects and models of the Dlubal applications in a central location. Have the models displayed clearly in a list form or with a preview image. Furthermore, the program shows you detailed information as a preview, such as file size, model data, modification date, and so on.


My Dlubal

Take a look at the "My Dlubal" category. This is where your customer data, such as address, licensed programs, and add-ons are managed. It also takes you straight to the Dlubal website. Find out about the latest news there, use online services, such as "Snow Load Zones, Wind Zones and Earthquake Zones," or get helpful information from the FAQ database.



Are you looking for models for your design? Then you have come to the right place at the Dlubal Center. It contains an extensive database with partly parameterized models. These include, for example, trusses, glulam beams, tapered frames, or tower segments. You can import these models and, if necessary, modify them according to your individual requirements. Furthermore, you can save the models as a block for later use.


2,850.00 EUR

The prices apply to the use of the software in all countries.

3D Model of the Vocational School in RFEM (© Eggers Tragwerksplanung GmbH)

Special Solutions

First, the two-part Optimization & Costs / CO2 Emission Estimation add-on finds suitable parameters for parameterized models and blocks via the artificial intelligence (AI) technique of particle swarm optimization (PSO) for compliance with common optimization criteria. Second, this add-on estimates the model costs or CO2 emissions by specifying unit costs or emissions per material definition for the structural model.

Price of First License
1,650.00 EUR
Pushover Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Earthquakes may have a significant impact on the deformation behavior of buildings. A pushover analysis allows you to analyze the deformation behavior of buildings and compare them with seismic actions. Using the Pushover add-on, you can analyze the seismic actions on a particular building and thus assess whether the building can withstand the earthquake.

Price of First License
1,450.00 EUR