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As a standard feature, RSTAB includes helpful tools for generating wind, snow, and ice loads, etc., as well as for converting surface loads into member loads.

  1. Snow Load Generator

    Snow loads can be generated as member loads on flat/monopitch roofs and duopitch roofs.

    Additional snow loads such as drifted snow loads, snow overhangs, and snow guards can be taken into account as well.

    The following standards are available:

    • European Union 1991-1-3 (including National Annexes)
    • Germany DIN 1055-5
    • Spain CTE DB-SE-AE
    • United States of America ASCE/SEI 7-16

  2. Wind Load Generator

    Wind loads can be automatically generated as member loads on the following structural components (optional with internal pressure für open buildings):

    • Vertical walls
    • Flat roofs
    • Monopitch roofs
    • Duopitch/Troughed roofs
    • Vertical walls with roof

    The following standards are available:

    • European Union 1991-1-4 (including National Annexes)
    • Germany DIN 1055-4
    • Spain CTE DB-SE-AE
    • United States of America ASCE/SEI 7-16

  3. Generating Member Loads from Area Loads

    Area loads can be automatically converted into member loads. There are 2 options available for this:

    • Member loads from area loads via plane
    • Member loads from area loads via cells

    Depending on the selected option, you either have to define a plane via corner nodes or select cells in the graphic. The area load can either be applied to the entire surface or only the effective or projected surface of the members.

  4. Generating Member Loads from Free Line Loads

    With this generator, you can define free line loads e.g. for girder grillages (from conveyor belts, for example) and proportionally allocate them to members.

  5. Generating Member Loads from Coating

    Coating loads can be generated as member loads from ice loads, claddings, etc.

    For that, you only have to specify the thickness and specific weight of the coating.

  6. Generating Loads from Accelerated Motion

    This generator creates loads as a result of an acceleration or rotation (from tower cranes, for example), which acts on specific objects of the model.

    The mass is determined from the self-weight.

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