3D Structural & BIM Software

3D Planning According to BIM

Structural analysis programs by Dlubal Software integrate seamlessly into the planning according to the method of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The large number of interfaces ensure the data exchange of digital building models with RFEM or RSTAB.

  • BIM-oriented planning
  • BIM-oriented planning

Bentley ISM Interface

Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) connects all Bentley products and enables comprehensive data exchange scenarios for all products supporting the ISM standard.

The ISM interface in RFEM enables the exchange of models with the programs ProSteel, ProConcrete, STAAD.Pro and other applications by Bentley. This interface is bidirectional.


ISM Database with Viewer and 3D PDF Output

The ISM technology core piece is the ISM Viewer V8i, which is currently provided by Bentley for free. ISM allows all Dlubal Software programs to access the ISM database using the comprehensive API.

It is possible to enter the RFEM models directly to the ISM repository, which is accessible by all other applications using the ISM interface. The ISM Viewer visualizes those models and enables the analysis of the individual structural components.

In this way, you can also export surface elements such as walls and slabs or member elements with variable cross-sections to ProSteel and ProConcrete. An additional useful feature of the ISM Viewer is the possibility to create 3D PDF documents.


Revision Management in ISM

The ISM database can manage changes and updates of the model chronologically. For example, if a modified RFEM model is added to the ISM file, you can immediately see all changes, new structural elements, or deleted parts in the ISM Viewer.

You can decide which changes will be included the database, which gives you total control over what happens in the model. The revision management even allows you to rollback to a previous level of the model.

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