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Technical Terms Used in Dlubal Software

The Dlubal Structural Analysis Wiki explains technical terms used in structural analysis and design. The terms are given in alphabetical order and are usually used in Dlubal Software.

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B Background Layer

In RFEM/RSTAB, a background layer is used as a template for graphical modeling, which is thus much easier.

Entering in RFEM and RSTAB

A background layer can be imported either by using the menu bar → "Insert" → "Background Layer" or via Project Navigator - Data → "Guide Objects" → "Background Layers." The import requires a DXF file, which has been exported from RFEM, RSTAB or another program.

After importing the background layer, it is necessary to pay attention to the activation or deactivation of the snap mode for background layers: Status bar → right-click on "Snap" → "Edit" → "Background Layers" tab → "Snap" mode active/inactive.

Furthermore, there is the option to subsequently edit or move the background layer by right-clicking the entry of the background layer in Project Navigator - Data.


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