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Technical Terms Used in Dlubal Software

The Dlubal Structural Analysis Wiki explains technical terms used in structural analysis and design. The terms are given in alphabetical order and are usually used in Dlubal Software.

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V Visibility

A visibility can be used to display a part of a model or a group of objects (for example, surfaces of a layer, columns of a floor).

On the one hand, the Project Navigator - Views includes "User-defined visibilities," which can be defined individually, and "Generated Visibilities," which are created automatically by the program. On the other hand, it is possible to also create temporary visibilities. All visibility types provide a quick overview of the model because the objects can be filtered directly by the lists. This not only facilitates the control of the input, but also the results.

Creating User-Defined Visibility

To create a temporary visibility, you can select any objects. The visibility can then be created by using the shortcut menu "View" → "Visibility" → "Visibility by Selected Objects." The same function is also available in the toolbar.

To save a user-defined visibility, it is necessary to select the desired objects first. In Project Navigator - Views, you can then save the selected objects as a new visibility by clicking the microscope button.

Combination of User-Defined and Generated Visibilities

Due to the flexible selection, it is also possible to combine different visibilities. For this, activate or deactivate the individual check boxes in the "Visibility" tree.


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