Social Networks


Facebook is a social network run by the American corporation Facebook Inc.


YouTube is a video portal of the American company Google Inc. Users can watch, rate and upload video clips free of charge.
Dlubal Software provides various teaching videos uploaded on YouTube.


Google+ is a social network developed by Google Inc. It is the second largest social network in the world after Facebook.


Twitter is a digital real-time application for distribution of short messages. Communication on Twitter is carried out by means of so-called "Tweets". These are short text messages written by registered users.


LinkedIn is a social network for maintaining existing business contacts and building new business connections. With more than 300 millions of registered users in over 200 countries, it is currently the largest worlwide platform of this kind.


Pinterest is a social network where you can pin your picture collections including descriptions on virtual pinboards. Other users can share your picture and put their comments to it.


Instagram is an online photo and video-sharing social networking service.

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