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You determine the content, the scope and the date!

Tell us what you would like to learn in the Dlubal structural analysis programs and we will prepare a customised training session based on this information.

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Customers with Service Contract Pro have the advantage of using our video support.

For this, you need the TeamViewer program that can be downloaded here. Start the program and follow the instructions of your online advisor.

Online training sessions are more economical, saving you travel costs and time. Up to four of your employees can attend the customized training using the Teamviewer online meeting tool or another online training platform provided by the Dlubal support team.


  • Greater flexibility and easier accessibility
  • Improved program knowledge for more efficient workflows
  • Customized support for your design projects
  • Program support in all application areas


The training will be virtual, using the online meeting tool Teamviewer or another online training platform provided by the Dlubal support team.


Maximum of 4 attendees


Each participant will need their own computer, including either a dual monitor or projector screen setup to follow along with the instructor. Additional Dlubal licenses will be issued temporarily for the training duration.


Hourly rate per Dlubal Software engineer $150.00 net (plus preparation costs).

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Our sales and support team will work with you to determine the training content, length, dates, and costs customized for your needs.

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