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Dlubal Software offers you powerful add-on modules for the design of your steel connections.
Whether frame corners, column feet, hinged and rigid beam connections, Sikla or tower connections or hollow profile connections ...
Design your connections according to Eurocode - in addition to all cross-section and stability analyzes - directly on the entire structural model.
Save yourself the time for determining geometric data or internal forces for your connection analysis.
Export your connections to CAD programs and document design dimensions and graphics in clearly arranged reports.

Design your structure even more economically by considering the deformation behavior of your connections when determining the internal forces of your structure. The necessary rotational stiffnesses (rotational stiffness Sj; initial rotational stiffness
Sj, ini; Initial stiffness Sj, app ...) are determined by our add-on modules such as JOINTS and FRAMMECK Pro.
With JOINTS, you can design all common pinned and moment-bearing beam-beam and beam-column connections.
Design shear force connections with "JOINTS Steel - Hinged".
"JOINTS Steel - DSTV" designs moment-resistant and hinged typed I-beam connections.

With "JOINTS - Column Base", you can design hinged and restrained column bases according to Eurocode 3. Select between various bucket and base plate connections.
The program displays all necessary design dimensions as well as the corresponding hole patterns.

The FRAME-JOINT Pro add-on module dimensionally (by means of the component method) rigidly bolted connections between column and beam members.
Classification and design are displayed in clearly arranged tables. Like the graphics, they can be printed in the printout report, but can also be exported to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

Do you have your own connection solutions with defined ultimate limit states? Let us determine it for your structure with LIMITS! Create your own databases in LIMITS and always use your fasteners. DSTV connections are included in the delivery.


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