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Robert Vogl

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In a model, the member end is located on the shell of a pipe. Why is the calculation terminated with a message that the model is not sufficiently supported?


The member end rests geometrically exactly on the pipe surface, but the automatic integration of structural elements is only possible for plane surfaces. Since the end point of the member was not integrated into the pipe surface, no common FE node is created. For RFEM, the member has no connection to the pipe, thus resulting in a termination of the calculation.

You can manually integrate the member end node into the pipe surface: double-click the pipe surface to open the "Edit Surface" dialog box. In the "Integrated" tab, you can integrate the node as long as the "Automatic object detection" option is deactivated (Figure 01).

Due to the integration, the member is connected to the pipe surface. A common FE node is created and the calculation is performed successfully (Figure 02).


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  • Updated 04/03/2020

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