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Is it possible to export printout reports from one model to the other?


It is not possible to directly transfer a printout report from one model to another. However, creating a printout report template allows you to quickly create similar reports.

Thus, you can also create a new printout report template from an existing printout report. In addition to the content selection and the page settings, additional texts and graphics printed in the report are also included. However, the many dependencies when creating the graphics, such as visibilities and model position, require a retrospective editing of the graphics in most cases. For different systems, it is recommended to recreate the graphics using the mass-produced variable function.

By using the printout report templates, you can save a lot of time on similar models. The example video shows the creation of a printout report from a similar model by using the function of the printout report template.

The printout report templates are saved in the RSTABProtocolConfig.cfg or the RFEMProtocolConfig.cfg file. It can be found in the master data folder of RSTAB or RFEM:
- C: \ ProgramData \ Dlubal \ RSTAB 8.xx \ General Data
- C: \ ProgramData \ Dlubal \ RFEM 5.xx \ General Data


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