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Why is not there one load for each country in the online service "Geo-Zone Tool: Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps"?


The online service "Geo-Zone Tool: Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps" graphically displays structural loads according to the relevant standards on Google Maps and shows the site-specific structural loads for an explicit location on the map.

Based on the national references of the standards used, the online service provides the information about each load type described in the standard. If the standard specifies no data for the specific load type, the online service does not provide any further information for this load type (for example, snow loads in an African desert). 

If there is no particular structural load standard provided in the selection boxes of the online service, this standard is not yet included. Our team strives to expand the online service for all relevant countries around the world and to maintain the tool. The implementation priorities are geared to suit the needs of users and the mandatory maintenance and upgrade works.


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