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Adrian Langhammer

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Is it also possible to perform a deformation analysis in cracked state for a 2D position in RF-CONCRETE Surfaces?


In this case, the Calculation Method and the type of the 2D position are important.

When using the analytical method (RF-CONCRETE Deflect), it is possible to perform a calculation in 2D positions. When using the nonlinear method (RF-CONCRETE NL), the calculation for 2D XY (uZXY) is not possible. In the nonlinear calculation, shrinkage is represented internally as strain load, which is not possible in this type of 2D position due to the limited degrees of freedom.

Convert 2D to 3D Position
In the general data, it is possible to simply convert a 2D position into a 3D position. For the supports, all degrees of freedom not contained in the 2D position are fixed when converting to a 3D position (see the video).


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