FAQ 004256 | Is it possible to use Dlubal Software for the calculation and design of 5G transmission masts, antenna masts, or towers?

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Is it possible to use Dlubal Software for the calculation and design of 5G transmission masts, antenna masts, or towers?


The structural engineering software RFEM or RSTAB is very well suited to perform such designs. The add-on modules for steel or concrete structures support your individual solution approaches.

Special add-on modules from the RF‑/TOWER series extend and simplify the options.

Main Programs RFEM or RSTAB
The main programs are used to define structures and materials as well as actions.

RSTAB allows you to edit and analyze beam, frame, or truss structures. RFEM also provides plate, wall, shell, and solid elements.

Add-on Modules
RF-/TOWER Structure
helps to perform efficient generation of three- or four-sided tower structures.

RF-/TOWER Equipment
includes a comprehensive library with tower equipment and allows for a quick and easy integration into your model.

RF-/TOWER Loading
provides you with professional support when generating wind, ice and traffic loads.

RF-/TOWER Effective Lengths
determines the effective lengths of members that are specific for towers.

RF-/TOWER Design
performs design according to EN 1993‑,1‑1, EN 1993‑3‑1, and EN 50341, including NA.

RF-/JOINTS Steel Tower
designs nominally pinned bolted connections used in lattice towers according to EN 1993‑1‑8.

Wind Analysis in Digital Wind Tunnel
Use RWIND Simulation for advanced analysis of wind flow behavior. The results can be used directly as loads or load cases in RFEM or RSTAB.

Dynamic Analysis
If it is necessary to perform seismic analysis or vibration designs, the RF‑/DYNAM Pro add-on modules provide special tools for determining natural frequencies and mode shapes, an analysis of forced vibrations, a generation of equivalent loads, or for a nonlinear time history analysis.

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