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Is it possible in RFEM or RSTAB to define a nodal support in such a way that it does not absorb any lifting forces?


It is possible to provide nodal supports with nonlinear properties (failure criteria for tensile or compressive forces, working and stiffness diagrams).

The list of nonlinearities includes the following options:

• Failure of the structural component if the support force or moment is negative or positive

• Complete support failure if the support force or moment is negative or positive

• Partial activity

• Diagram

• Friction depending on the remaining support forces

Failure if support force/moment is negative or positive

Both options represent an easy way to control whether the support can only take positive or negative forces/moments: If the internal force (a force or a moment) acts in the prohibited direction, this particular component of the support fails. The remaining retentions and restraints stay effective.

Failure all if support force/moment negative or positive

In contrast to the failure of a single component mentioned above, the support fails completely once the component is ineffective.

The nonlinearly acting supports have a different color in the graphic display. In the table, the support elements with nonlinear properties are indicated by a blue check box.



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