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Markus Baumgärtel

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I divided a stick by several nodes. When applying the imperfections, each partial member gets its own imperfection.

How can I define an imperfection across all partial members?


If a member consists of several partial members, it is necessary to specify the objects to which the imperfection should refer when defining the imperfection. The following options can be selected:


The imperfection acts on one member, or individually on several members.

List of members

The imperfection acts on all members defined in a list. The pre-deformations and misalignments are not applied to each member individually but as an overall imperfection to all members of the list of members. A list of members allows imperfections to be applied across members without having to define a set of members.

Sets of members

The imperfection affects one set of members or each of several sets of members. Similar to the list of members described above, parameters are applied to all members included in the set of members.

The automatic generation of imperfections or imperfect systems is possible using the additional modules RSIMP and RF-IMP.


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