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How can I create a solid of revolution?


A solid of revolution can be created by using the "Rotate" function. First, select the surface to be rotated and then open the "Rotate - Copy" dialog box by clicking the "Edit → Rotate" in the menu, the shortcut menu of the object, or the corresponding toolbar button. In the "Rotate - Copy" dialog box (Figure 01), you can then define the number of copies at one. Furthermore, you can specify the desired angle of rotation and the axis of rotation.

Figure 01 - Dialog Box "Rotate - Copy"

In the "Detail Settings for Move/Rotate/Mirror" dialog box, which you can open by clicking the "Edit Expanded Settings" button, select the "Create new solid bodies between the selected surfaces and their copies" check box (Figure 02).

Figure 02 - Dialog Box "Detail Settings for Move/Rotate/Copy"

After clicking the [OK] button, the solid is created (Figure 03).

Figure 03 - Generated Solid


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