FAQ 004464 | How is it possible to create the cutting pattern geometry for a decorative sticker on a biaxially curved membrane roof?

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Andreas Niemeier

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How can I create the cutting geometry for a decorative sticker on a biaxially curved membrane roof?


The geometry of a sticker on a biaxially curved membrane roof depends on its position on the roof and the projection direction of it. To ensure that the sticker elements can be applied to the curved surface without any creases, flatten the projection of the graphic to be displayed on the curved surface. You can perform the geometric transversion in RFEM as follows:

  1. Import the graphic to be displayed as a background layer into the model by using the DXF interface.

  2. Depending on the imported DXF graphic, define cutting lines on the curved basic shape in the desired projection direction.

  3. Create nodes on the basic shape at the intersection points of the intersection lines and the respective intermediate areas.

  4. Copy the newly created node construct on the basic shape into a new model file.

  5. Create spline lines between the intersection and intermediate nodes in the new model for each section.

  6. Define a membrane surface element, depending on the material properties of the sticker in the surface surrounding the spline lines.

  7. Create a cutting pattern for each surface unit and calculate the flattened sticker geometries.


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