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Is it possible to create the RFEM/RSTAB files in Tekla without having an RFEM/RSTAB license?


In Tekla, it is also possible to create the RFEM/RSTAB files without having a license of RFEM/RSTAB. However, RFEM/RSTAB must be installed on the computer with Tekla installed. It is sufficient to install the trial version of RFEM/RSTAB, which you can download here:


To export a model from Tekla to RFEM/RSTAB, it is first necessary to create a structural model in Tekla. To do this, open the "Structural Models" dialog box via the "Structural Analysis" tab → "Structural Models." The "New..." button opens the "Analysis Model Properties" dialog box, where you can select the "Dlubal File (.NET)" analysis application in the "Analysis Model" tab (Figure 01).

Figure 01 - Creating Structural Model

The properties of structural parts can be defined in Tekla in the dialog box for structural part properties.

In the "Analysis Models" dialog box, select the analysis model to be exported. The "Export" button opens the "Select Application for Export" dialog box, where you can select the desired target application (Figure 02).

Figure 02 - Selecting Application for Export

In the "Export Options" window, select the "Analytical Model" option to export the analytical model (Figure 03).

Figure 03 - Export Options

The location of the rf5 file/rs8 file can be selected after clicking "OK."

Figure 04 - Saving

The video shows creating a structural model with the definition of structural properties, such as member type, hinges, and supports, and the export to an RSTAB file.


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