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Can I design laminated veneer lumber with RFEM/RSTAB?


The LVL design is carried out with the add-on modules for timber design.

The following steps are necessary for the design:

  • Select a material of the LVL category (Figure 01) - if the desired manufacturer is not available in the material library, you can create a user-defined material (see FAQ 002656). By selecting the material, you define the stress of the material. In the case of LVL, the load-bearing capacities for a plate stress (Figure 02) are significantly different than for a wall stress (Figure 03). If performing the design with the RF‑/TIMBER Pro add-on module, the wall stress is usually available. In the case of the plate stress, it is often reasonable to use the RF‑LAMINATE add-on module.
  • In the RF‑/TIMBER Pro design module, the "Factor Category" in Window 1.2 (Figure 04) is used for LVL.
  • For the National Annex parameters, you can make adjustments for the LVL design in two tabs "Other Settings," if necessary. For example, this may be the case of shear or the manufacturer's specifications for increasing strengths (Figure 05 and Figure 06 (BauBuche)).
The cross-section material LVL is usually not strong enough for stress in the plate plane. However, if designing a plate covering, you can use the RF‑LAMINATE add-on module. More information about RF‑LAMINATE can be found here.


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