Seismic Equivalent Loads Using the Response Spectrum Analysis in RFEM

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  • Introduction to the RF‑DYNAM Pro add‑on modules
  • Analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Performing a response spectrum analysis according to the IBC 2012 / ASCE 7‑10
  • Applying generated equivalent static loads in RFEM

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:07:00: Introduction and concept of the RF‑DYNAM Pro add‑on modules
  • Up to 00:24:00: Analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes
  • Up to 00:30:00: Response spectrum analysis according to IBC 2012 / ASCE 7‑10
  • Up to 00:55:00: Application of generated equivalent static loads in RFEM
  • Up to 01:05:00: New features for next RFEM release


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