ACI 318-19 Concrete Design in RFEM

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This webinar demonstrates the general concrete design workflow according to the ACI 318-19 in RFEM and the RF-CONCRETE add-on modules.

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Webinar | ACI 318-19 Concrete Design in RFEM

This webinar demonstrates the general concrete design workflow according to the ACI 318-19 in RFEM and the RF-CONCRETE add-on modules.

Time Schedule

00:00 Introduction
02:08 RFEM and RF-CONCRETE add-on module concept
04:12 Overview of concrete model and loads in RFEM
17:30 Calculation and analysis results
22:44 ACI 318-19 updates in RF-CONCRETE
30:15 Member design in RF-CONCRETE Members
43:42 Slab design in RF-CONCRETE Surfaces
56:45 Addressing FEA singularities 
1:01:53 Design strip considerations
1:03:29 Conclusion

Presentation Model to Download

Below, under Models to Download, you will find the model(s) used in the webinar. This will allow you to independently follow the webinar step by step with the provided model after the presentation is complete.


Amy Heilig, PE

Amy Heilig, PE

CEO - USA Office
Sales & Technical Support Engineer

Amy Heilig is the CEO of the USA office located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, she provides sales and technical support and continues to aid in the development of Dlubal Software programs for the North American market.


Free online webinar Concrete Reinforced Concrete ACI 318-19 ACI 318-19


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